asymmetric shortgirth with detachable lambskin cover

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color sheepskin:

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  • Gurtform-Anatomisch


    • Material: genuine lambskin, detachable
    • Form: asymmetric
    • Length: 50 - 120cm

    • asymmetric: For horses whose girth groove is closer to the elbows or less well-defined, this girth is significantly contoured at front the around the elbow area.

For horses whose girth groove is closer to the elbows or less well-defined, where the... more
Product information "asymmetric shortgirth with detachable lambskin cover"


For horses whose girth groove is closer to the elbows or less well-defined, where the girth tends to sit further forward. This girth is offered by us as standard with black or lightyellow lambskin. Our short girth is available in anatomical, asymmetric, crescent and athletico styles. Replacement girths and lambskin are available separately.

Popular short girth with SOFT EDGE and POLY-FLEX®

Our famous MATTES short girth with removable lambskin cover and ingenious SOFT EDGE: The quality lambskin has generous cutouts on both long edges to avoid edge pressure and chafing, just like all our other girths. The basic girth is padded with POLY-FLEX® inserts, finished with elasticated stainless steel buckles and a D-ring for a martingale.

Material: echtes Lammfell, abnehmbar
Form: asymmetrisch
Länge: 50 - 120cm
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Size chart

 short girth 50 · 55 · 60 · 65 · 70 · 75 · 80 · 85 · 90 · 95 · 100 · 105 · 110 · 115 · 120 cm
 long girth 100 · 105 · 110 · 115 · 120 · 125 · 130 · 135 · 140 · 145 · 150 · 155 · 160 cm
Note: Quoted sizes may vary by +/- 2 cm.

Measuring instructions

The different girth shapes



anatomical - For horses with a well-defined girth groove, far enough away from the elbow. The girth is contoured a little at the front and back around the elbow area. (Girth is reversible)




asymmetric - For horses whose girth groove is closer to the elbows or less well-defined, where the girth tends to sit further forward. The girth is significantly contoured at the front around the elbow area.




crescentFor “round” horses with a short back and broad ribcage or narrow chest. The special shape of this girth works with the shape of the ribs so that the girth cannot slip forwards.




athleticoFor horses with an athletic, wedge-shaped physique. The design of the girth prevents the saddle and girth from sliding back in almost all cases.

How to measure?

short girth long girth

Always measure girth length on a saddled and girthed horse. Both sides of the girth must be buckled evenly.

Measure from the lower edge of the saddle flap on one side to the same point on the other side, then subtract 30 cm. Always round up to the next length.

Example: Measurement: 101 cm - Subtract: 30 cm = 71 cm Girth length: 75 cm

After re-girthing, measure from the 2nd hole of the girth strap (from the bottom) to the 2nd hole of the girth strap (from the bottom) on the other side. This then corresponds to the new belt length. round up to the next size if necessary.

Note: Ensure that the buckles of the new girth are well away from the elbow to allow free movement!

Download instructions (PDF, 55 KB)

Which girth does my horse need?

We can not give a detailed answer to this question, since this is influenced by several factors. 

  • Built of the Horse
  • The position of the saddle. (The saddle must fit!)
  • Type and positioning of the girth billets 

To simplify matters we base our recommendations only on the anatomy of the horse.

Anatomic girth: The universal girth per se. Naturally, it fi ts wherever a straight girth fi ts. In this case there is just extra room for the elbow movement. Ideal for horses with some more bulge below and in the ribcage.

Asymmetric girth: Naturally this girth will fi t always where the straight and the anatomic girth fi t. But for horses with more bulge below and a wide ribcage, where the anatomic girth is not cut back enough in the elbow area to accommodate the bulge, therefore being pushed forward too much.

Crescent girth: Specifi cally adapted to fi t horses with a narrow front and a bulging ribcage starting directly behind the elbow. Often to be found in short backed horses (Typical for Arab mares) where other girths don’t give enough room. The Crescent girth is cut in a way that it opens to the rear in the sides and below to accommodate the far forward reaching bulge

Important: Correct length of the short girth.

Position the buckle fl ap as high as possible above the elbow movement area. Fully tightened, the distance between the lower edge of the saddle fl ap and the buckle end should be max. 15 cm. For Western saddles it should also be max. 15 cm from the skirt edge.

Washing instructions

MATTES® lambskin items should be washed frequently. Correct care and washing is very important and will provide you with many more years of enjoyment from your product.

Download washing instructions (PDF, 55 KB)

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